Media And Information Literacy

What is the most relevant function of media?



The media is analysed in two ways here as an informative aspect as well as a form of entertainment.
Freedom of expression is usually questioned in the media, how ‘free’ is the media allowed to be? Isn’t the media always controlled?
What is the role of media in society?
Is everyone in society treated equally in the media, when being reported on?
It is often a belief that the media is a rather powerful tool, one that gets blamed for all the wrong that occurs in society.
What we read in the papers and view on television is usually what we believe.
This study unit focuses on the functions of the media and what its role in society should be.
In other words the function and the role of the media in society within the context of functionalism as a theoretical paradigm.
1. What is functionalism?:
Functionalism refers to a system, a belief in function over form.
Functionalism with regard to the media – refers to how the media operates as a whole ‘system’ in society to help create a balance in society.
Society as an integrated, harmonious and cohesive whole.
Different social systems function to maintain equilibrium, consensus and social order.
Media as a powerful socialisation instrument should contribute towards integration, harmony and cohesion through information, entertainment and education.



Can you recall a recent situation wherein media and information literacy could have been useful?


After Urduja, a typhoon might hit PH a few days before Christmas and Tropical depression Urduja (international name: Kai-tak) hovered slowly over the Visayas and Luzon on Sunday after leaving at least 3 people killed, as a new storm threatened to hit the country just days before Christmas.
Packing maximum sustained winds of 55 kilometers per hour and gusts of 90 kph, Urduja slammed into the country’s third-largest island Samar on Saturday and tore through a region devastated by Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) 4 years ago, the state weather service said

Urduja was spotted 65 kilometers east southeast of Romblon, Romblon at 1 p.m. as the new storm, which will be named Vinta, neared the eastern coast, at 1,950 kilometers east of Mindanao


I think that is the most recent situation which the media has been use to give information to the people.




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